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Welcome to our farm!

Discover the feel of Suri alpaca, the silky locks that make wonderfully exquisite items.

Every farm has a story, this is how our dream began.

We discovered alpacas during a trip to the Hood River Valley, in Oregon 5 years ago, we fell in love with them immediately. We began thinking this was something we could do as we approached retirement, something to keep us active and busy in our approaching senior years. We had no idea how they would change our lives!

We came home from that vacation and started to research alpacas, we eventually found a nearby alpaca ranch that took us in and the rest is what they say is "History"

A big change to our employment was in the making, we took that negative and turned it to our advantage and ran with it, it was time to make the leap from city dwellers in Southern California to county folk running a farm, we had spent our first 4 years boarding our herd at our mentor ranch, we learned everything we needed to properly care for these animals from them. We sold our home and we found a 5-acre farm in Scotts Mills, Oregon and moved our family of three, our Freshman loves her new school, has no regrets, loves the country, us adults have settled nicely too.

We moved our herd of 12 Suri's (6 dams and 6 males) in August 2018. It was wonderful to watch their dynamics change. personalities really came forward, and everyone has settled nicely. We even welcomed two crias to the herd, 2 of our dams birthed here at the farm and our bond with them is now even tighter and they trust us even more.

We enjoy interacting with our herd of Suri alpacas daily, and frankly, I think they enjoy the interaction with us.